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The Makers Boys Cheap + Easy DIY Projects features fun and unique ideas that can easily be done at home with materials and tools you may already have.
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Even better is that once you master these sweet animals you can make some a little different each time. See for yourself at Lia Griffith.

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We all need to get clean and being able to do so with good smelling soap is very nice. Knowing that someone made that soap with you in mind makes it that much sweeter. If you have a friend who likes the smell of citus, this coconut oil bath melt would be perfect for them to wind down after a long day. Thanks, Paleo Hacks! Here's a gift that I cannot wait to make.

I have a waffle cone maker and love making my own marshmallows so many of the ingredients would be homemade! If you have a friend whose birthday is in the summer, they might appreciate this as a chance to cool down. Although if you are lucky enough, you might have a friend who loves ice cream all year round and can make it for them whenever! The idea comes from Smashed Peas and Carrots. Take a handful of the sand to add to this jar. Maybe the drink umbrella comes from a restaurant you went to.

You could even add in a picture around the back if you'd like.

50 indoor activities for kids

The great thing about this one is how much you can play around with it. If your best friend is into Star Wars, do a quote from the movie. If they love cowboys, focus on that. To see the full tutorial on how to make this doormat, check it out at Settling in Sawdust. Have a friend who is into photography? Making this shoulder strap is a great way for them to look stylish and think of you each time they put on their camera to take beautiful pictures. It's easy to make as well. Check it out at The House that Lars Built. This one is fun because you can make a lot of cookies and freeze them, using the cookies when needed.

Add the baked cookies into the tin and slap on one of these cute tags before sending them on their way. To get the tags, head over to Crazy Little Projects. Giving someone a letterboard is such a fun thing to do, especially if they are looking to put it in their workplace. Heidi Swapp has some adorable lettering for the letterboards, with lots of different colors. This could be a lot of fun, so get creative!

Check out all the details from this creation over at Making the World Cuter. A couple of months ago some students had a brownie mishap that burnt the bottom of the oven and I needed to get rid of the smell quickly.

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I went to my cabinet and grabbed what I could find to make a great smelling potpourri. Within the next forty-five minutes, we went from being stunk out to my room smelling great. Companies such as Hello Fresh have become popular by making dinners at home easier. You could do the same for your friend by making a basket full of a complete dinner such as this spaghetti dinner. These Christmas plates are so cute they could be used year round.

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  4. It is easy to make and could be a lot of fun if you get more of your friends involved, making their own. To see the full details, check out Simply Kierste Design. I loved this post so much that I saved it and plan to make it soon. I write a food blog and feel that this would go well as a prop to show off a final project. If you have a friend who feels the same way and you want to encourage them, check out the tutorial over at Shanty 2 Chic.

    If you have a friend who likes jewelry, this is an inexpensive necklace you can make that reminds them just how much they mean to you, having one of the keys to your heart. No, seriously, my daughter made it when she was ten years old. It combines many ingredients you probably already have in your house anyways, including freeze-dried strawberries. If you don't have strawberries, I bet you could substitute for any other freeze dried fruit.

    It smells amazing. Be sure to get the full details over at the Country Chic Cottage. Making them a lip scrub that smells like butterbeer means they will be wanting to treat themselves to soft lips more often! See the recipe at Happiness is Homemade.

    If you have a Cricut machine, there are many different ways you can make gifts for your friends. One way is to make a throw for their home. Keep with the theme of their house and you are sure to have a winner. DIY Inspired came up with this gift and, as a coffee lover myself, I got super excited to see it. Maybe instant coffee is not the way to go with your friend but custom tailor this to meet their needs. Do they have an espresso maker? A favorite type of coffee?

    See what works best for them.

    Intermediate Crafts with Old Books

    As I said before, if you have a Cricut you are set to go. EP75 Concrete Walkway Make a garden footpath that looks like natural stone out of concrete. EP71 Succulent Planter Make a modern wood planter for succulents in a few simple steps. EP69 Quikwall Bar Create an outdoor bar using surface bonding cement.

    Cheap + Easy DIY Projects by Mike Stone

    EP66 Box Sofa Easily create a comfortable and stylish wood-framed sofa for your living room. EP65 Grill Station Easily create an outdoor grill station cart for your next summer event. EP60 Stackable Planters Create a vertical garden with easy-to-make modular, stackable planters. EP59 Marble Planters Easily cut stone tile to create modern marble planters.

    EP58 Coffee Pot Upgrade Give your kitchenware a quick upgrade by replacing plastic handles with carved wood. EP52 Lounge Chair 1. EP51 Modern Toboggan Put a modern twist on a simple sled. EP48 Hairpin Bench Easily create a hairpin bench with a back rest using our exclusive bench and chair kits. EP47 Pipe Shelves Make customizable shelves out of plumbing pipe.

    What DIY Projects Can I Make with My Cricut? 50+ Creative Ideas

    EP45 Colored Concrete Easily color concrete by adding a pigment to water before mixing the concrete. EP36 Ironbound Bookcase Make a rustic ironbound book shelf out of angle irons and 2x10s. EP27 Concrete Vases Recycle old bottles to create concrete vases. EP23 Pipe Bench Make a modern, industrial-looking bench in less than 15 minutes without using power tools. EP20 Modern Gazebo Make a stunning, modern gazebo for any outdoor space. EP19 Screwdriver Coat Rack Create a versatile display that does double-duty organizing your tools and serving as a coat rack.

    Thanks for your continued support! EP16 Concrete Planter Turn an old cabinet into a concrete planter! EP7 Colorful Mudroom Bring some color to your mudroom! EP6 Concrete Lamp Make your own concrete lamp!