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Start by dividing the presentation into categories on paper. Use a list such as this:. Introduction to the missionary family, the church and pastor which are sending you, your mission board. Introduce the country, its physical location map , living conditions of the people, etc. Spiritual condition and needs of the people — the religion, the practice of religion such as praying to idols, kissing statues, etc.

Future plans and goals for reaching the people — evangelism, discipleship, teaching, Bible institute, etc.

General Convention | Diocesan Center

Close with a challenge — show the people, you may want a challenging song at the end. Write positive prayer letters, no one wants to hear a whiner. People jump on successful bandwagons, so when you write a letter, be a winner! Be careful what you say in your prayer letters and how you say it. Send prayer letters by e-mail. Announce opportunity to sign up from the pulpit during deputation meetings. Make it so it would be interesting to you if you were the recipient. Tell of meetings you have had any saved, called to the mission field. Mention and thank any church that has taken you on for support since your last prayer letter.

List prayer requests, but do not beg. The Lord will do the work. Include your goals and plans for the future. Thank them for their prayers, concern, and financial support.

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Separate the name so it stands out. Make the most important things biggest — your name, the country. If you use statistics about your field, put them on the back.

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  • Printing Shop for Prayer Cards: www. The board needs to include: facts about you family, sending church, mission board , your field maps, brief statistics, sports , and your ministry goals there. Be sure each picture has a caption. It is not wise to have testimonies on your board. No one is going to stop and take the time to read it. Put it in a pamphlet.

    Choose 3 complementing colors and keep it uniform throughout. Use 2 different fonts — one for titles and one for captions. Thank you to Baptist World Mission, our mission board, and Jeff Bush, former missionary in Argentina, for many of these ideas. Purpose of Deputation Deputation is to. Secure financial support Solicit prayer support Promote world-wide missions Edify the believers at the churches Recruit other missionaries 1.

    Preparation 1.

    Join Us (Virtually) at the 79th General Convention

    Information packet 6. Learn to tell time — when the pastor tells you to take 2 minutes, show character and only take 1 minute and 50 seconds. Better yet, allow your adorable children to pass out the cards! Send a hand-written letter of thanks whenever you leave a church. Always express gratitude. Go above and beyond to serve; do not be the average missionary.

    Remember, you never get a second chance to make a first impression! Make the best of your abilities — preaching, singing — Whatever you do, do it for the glory of God. Do not try to correct churches; it is none of your business.

    Speaking at a Council or Committee of the Whole Meeting

    Everyone is watching you and your family. You are under the microscope! Remember Luke — God will give through men. Be a giver not a taker. Be careful what you say in churches.

    New to MCA?

    Be careful not to scare others away from going to the mission field. Be ready to tell the churches what you plan to do on the field that you are going to, what type of ministry, goals, needs, etc. Remember the more people are exposed to the field the greater burden they will have. A few weeks after the meeting, follow-up with a phone call to the pastor. Ask how the faith promise commitment went or whatever may be pertinent.

    He will probably then bring up the subject of support.

    Preaching 1. Prior to the Meeting 1. On your desk you should have: a. Contact list of pastors Presentation 1. Keep presentations short. Use a list such as this: a.

    Assistent-Veldcornet Salmon van As Kitchener told Botha that these three alleged murders 'had attracted much attention in England, and that the British Government. General Hertzog explained that the British Government had required that there could be no alterations made.

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    • General Christiaan de Wet was not satisfied with this, saying that they had only the word of Lord Kitchener and that 'it is not down in black and white, that the three persons mentioned will be the only exceptions'. General de la Rey explained that 'only the three persons mentioned are excluded At the peace conference, Kitchener told Louis Botha that the British Government required the three alleged murderers to stand trial immediately after the cessation of hostilities.

      It appears that the Boer leaders had little option but to agree to terms which made provision for the three burghers to stand trial. Conceivably they did this so as to avoid any more burghers being prosecuted for 'crimes against the usages of war'. Shortly after the conclusion of the peace, Salmon van As was tried and executed, even though Botha had assured him that nothing would happen to him. Louis Slabbert, who was merely an accessory to van As's actions, was also prosecuted and sentenced to imprisonment with hard labour.

      Wolwepan is a small crater about metres in diameter and 20 metres deep, always filled with water to a certain level, and fed from the strata beneath. It was an ideal place to keep watch on the police posts along the spruit as they and their horses were hidden from sight in the crater.