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Fixed the bug where some quick messages are hard to select Fixed the visual bug where it displays two players playing the same hero in hero selection screen Fixed the bug where not all information is displayed in Hero Redeem interface Fixed the bug preventing players from starting matchmaking after a team merger Fixed the bug where team leader's avatar still remains even after quitting to lobby This hero is now only playable with 2 players in local co-op3.

Genesis is an action-packed classic MOBA focusing on competitive 5v5 online play for control of the battlefield.

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Themed around a futuristic sci-fi setting, Genesis will offer a rich roster of 28 original heroes, as well as various skins, weapons and other cosmetics for players to choose from. Core gameplay will include a competitive PvP mode, as well as a single player and co-op PvE conquest mode for players to enjoy.

Developed by Rampage Games, the game is incredibly well received by players in the Americas and Europe. Expanding far faster than previously imagined, the very fabric of space-time has begun to split at the seams, and in a few short centuries the entire universe will be torn apart in one final, all-encompassing explosion. This terrible revelation was first discovered by scientists at the ZPT Corporation—the largest, wealthiest, and most cutthroat commercial entity in existence—and soon made known to all of the universe's races.

The Human Federation, despite being a relatively new player on the interstellar stage, spearheaded the search for a way out. Hidden away in the perilous dark matter labyrinths of the Eridanus Supervoid, human explorers located an artifact left behind from the Big Bang: a primordial space-time rip which could be used as a gateway out of the Universe.

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Where exactly this gateway led, none could say, but it offered an escape from certain death. Without the support of famous IP, the producers were able to freely create a product that satisfies both the needs of competitive MOBA gamers as well as players looking for an immersive story-driven campaign. But if you are looking for the thrill of PVP combat and want to leave your name on the Ladder for all players to see, Genesis will soon feature a ranked mode where you can earn rewards while attaining better rank as you progress from Recruit all the way up to Grand Admiral.

Whether the selection of champions is fun to play with or possess distinct characters is something players care passionately about. Genesis will initially feature 27 unique and lovable heroes, classified as Tank, Assassin, Psionic, Support, Warrior and Marksmen, gamers can pick their favorite and claim dominion on a galactic battlefield. The champions of Genesis represent and fight for different factions, they even have their own captivating origin story for you to discover! Genesis provides players a plethora of choices when it comes to heroes.

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Hailing from different races, factions and planets, these heroes featured initially in the game will no doubt make players fall in love with them. Players need to connect two controllers to activate 1P and 2P, controlling Mitch and Cuth respectively. Each player will have command over 4 skills. Both heroes are experts at skills of different utilities, making it extremely tough to lane against Mitch and Cuth! By definition, a two-player hero requires teamwork to become unstoppable.

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And there was evening and there was morning, a first day. God made the expanse, and it separated the water which was below the expanse from the water which was above the expanse. And it was so. God called the expanse Sky. And there was evening and there was morning, a second day. God called the dry land Earth, and the gathering of waters He called Seas. We employ dedicated professionals.

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Social Media Specialist Kyiv. Marketing Manager IntellectoKids. Product Analyst Universe Kyiv. Investment Analyst Genesis Investments Kyiv.

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