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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Bio: I'm ex-military, ex-CIA, ex-IBM; I've travelled over most Legends - an anthology - Volume 1 - Fantasy Kindle Edition.
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I won't be looking for any of his other works soon.

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  • Legends II: New Short Novels by the Masters of Modern Fantasy: Volume One by Robert Silverberg.

Perhaps you need to have read more of his Wheel of Time series to appreciate this story but I found it lacking from the characters to the male vs female power premise and nothing about it kept my interest. A coalition of witches, led by self-appointed organizer Lettice Earwig, asks Granny Weatherwax not to participate in the annual Lancre Witch Trials, on account of her always winning.

She agrees, becoming disconcertingly nice. If you are a fan of Terry Pratchett and Discworld then this is definitely worth reading. It is funny, well written, and filled with all the wit which Terry Pratchett always put into his stories. I would highly recommend this story. I look forward to reading more from this author. The Hedge Knight by George R. Martin I really enjoyed this short story and was a great addition to the anthology. It was well written and flowed nicely. I thought that this story had a really strong plot for such a short story and well written characters.

The Burning Man by Tad Williams This easy read is a good addition to this anthology which is well written. I liked the plot, it flowed well and held my attention. New Spring by Robert Jordan Out of the five stories in this anthology, I enjoyed this story the least. I found it hard to read and in general didn't enjoy it.

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Legends (SF/Fantasy Box Set Vol.1)

This one's impossible to rate, due to the many different stories included. Some are great, some are The Pratchett story is of course awesome and hilarious. McCaffrey's story left me confused - this was one of the worst and most unimaginative stories I've ever read, and I kept expecting something, anything, even remotely interesting to happen, yet nothing ever did.

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  6. I skipped The Hedge Knight as I'd read that one not too long ago, but of course that one is decent I gave A Knight of the This one's impossible to rate, due to the many different stories included. Tad Williams' The Burning Man was poor and I'm definitely not reading any more of his stuff anytime soon. Jordan's New Spring included far too many characters and concepts for such a short story, but the second half of it was actually quite decent and I am now considering having a go at The Wheel of Time some time later on.

    Jan 30, Akiva rated it really liked it. A nice collection of short stories. Its a Folky Story about a Davey Crocket, a bear, and just a little bit of magic. Had a nice short from Stephen King in the Dark Tower universe. Wasn't a fan of the other 2 stories, but we'll see what the rest of the collection has to offer. Oct 17, Alex Snow rated it it was amazing. Very interesting stories about a variety of different worlds, some of which I already knew well. These all added to the characters and stories in the main books of these series. What's even more, the stories introduced a world while in the middle of its progression in the main books yet still portrayed them in a way that was easy to understand for newcomers to the series.

    Enjoyed all the stories in this, though some fallnsomewhat flat if you have no knowledge of the larger series they're tied to. Jun 06, Misha rated it really liked it Shelves: science-fiction , fantasy , anthology , fiction , short-stories , own. The anthology of four novellas is a good introduction to authors and their series.

    If one is already familiar with them, consider it a bonus collection. The plot itself was interesting in a macabre sort of way, but the page novella started off slowly. Once the introductory beginning was done it was better and easier to get through. If one is already familiar with and likes the Dark Tower series, then it may make for more enjoyable reading. I had heard from others that King tends to be a bit long winded so I had an idea of what I was in for.

    I might pass on reading more King and stick to watching the movies. Violent death at the hands of another is rare, but ties between the aborigines, whom the humans had been at war with, are still fragile.

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    Questions arise about why Dr. Huukaminaan was killed and why the Seventh Shrine is so sacred. Who dunnit? I'll be reading more. The tale gave me the sense that I was hearing it while sitting around a campfire.

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    This page story was short, but sweet and more from the series are in my reading pile. Robert Silverberg ed. Goodkind's story, "Debt of Bones," leads off the trilogy, and deals with a time when Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander was much younge Robert Silverberg ed. Goodkind's story, "Debt of Bones," leads off the trilogy, and deals with a time when Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander was much younger than he is in the Sword of Truth novels. Here, he's pitted against Panis Rahl, and must decide whether to put himself, and the fate of the Midlands, in danger in order to fulfill a debt of bones to the daughter of a deceased sorceress.

    One has come to expect strong storytelling and easy turning of pages from Goodkind, and he does not disappoint here. Martin's story, "The Hedge Knight," follows. Again taking place some time before the events in the Song of Ice and Fire books, "he Hedge Knight" follows the squire of a newly deceased mercenary, who has a desire to make his name in a tournament against some of the biggest names in the business including a number of Targaryens, who at the time of this story have not yet been banished; in fact, they play a major part in the story, which should be a pleasant surprise to many Ice and Fire fans.

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    Martin's work on this series is always a pleasure, and once again, the is no disappointment to be found here, though one wonders about the loose end to be found. The biggest surprise of the bunch, to me, was McCaffrey's "Runner of Pern. This story is a welcome change of pace from the two that precede it; rather than battles, jousting, and the rest, this is a quiet romantic coming-of-age tale that hits just the right spot, like a lemon ice after a boeuf bourguignon. It's convinced me to go back and try the Pern novels, as McCaffrey's style is simple and engaging.

    Like the others, she keeps the pages turning. Definitely a worthwhile piece of work. I shouldn't have to sell those who are already enmeshed in the various series covered here, but others will find it a perfect sampling to see if the three titans covered here are to their tastes. I can almost guarantee they will be. Short and enjoyable, told in typical Pratchett style. Don't need to have read any granny weatherwax novels to appreciate. It was ok, but didn't make me want to go read more of her books.