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Douglas E. Croyle is the author of Ismeraldis ( avg rating, 1 rating, 1 review, published ) and The Omari Chronicles BLACKCOAT ( avg rating, 0.
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MORE than a list austinchronicle. But his coming-of-age journey is interrupted by a mysterious disability that turns out to be bleeding in his brain, and his nar- rative turns from college partying and manic adventures to physical and mental devastation and high-risk surgery, followed by his long struggle back to ordinary life and a deeper sense of self- discovery, and yes, happiness. Recent Texas immigrant Lemon - he spent his college and graduate years in Minnesota and now teaches at Texas Christian University - is the author of two previous books of poems: Mosquito and Hallelujah Blackout ; in press is a third volume of poetry, Fancy Beasts.

He spoke to the Chronicle last week from his new home in Fort Worth. Austin Chronicle: What was the impetus for the book?

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I had always journaled and written, and written about the experience, but when I started to have to write about it for an assignment - thinking about craft, thinking about the aesthetics of a piece of literature, not just emoting, journal-wise - my prose writing, my nonfiction, begin to evolve into something that had more substance. I feel like prose and poetry can both get to the same spot emotionally; they can both cut to the bone.

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But the way they do it is radically different. I felt like I needed the landscape of the full page of prose to really understand and appreciate and kind of masticate, to chew on those things that had happened - to really kind of embrace the messiness of all of the shit that happened to me. It allowed me to juggle fire. Instead of flinching away from fire, it allowed me to juggle fire. AL: My situation now is that my day-to-day baseline is that I live with a visual disability.

I have nystagmus and diplopia - bouncing eyes and double vision. I have paresthesia and neuralgia, so sometimes my face or my hand is numb. My vestibular system is off, so my gait, I kind of fall to my right a bit. I have chronic pain in my lower back and my legs. I live this really amazing and charmed life in so many ways. AC: How do you mean that? AL: I found out that I love literature and writing, I found out that I love teaching, and all that was really a surprise to me. So I sunk myself into those hypermasculine things: I was good at sports, I was good at partying, I was good at having girls, getting girls, and all of that was really just ignoring how much I wanted to be an artist and how much [I wanted] to be thinking about the arts or books or music, via my mom and my stepfather and the house I grew up in.

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AC: This changeover must have been a great blow to that athlete you portray in the early chapters. AL: Oh, yeah. I think that was one of the major difficulties. I chose to write in the first person present tense from the perspective of that young man, so I had to really embody this person that in a lot of ways I resent. So it was a huge and horrible thing to lose, really to lose your body. As a young man who really lived in my body, because my mind was a scary place, because it was a place where I thought about things.

The book is less about medical trauma and addiction or some things than it is about mas- culinity and mental illness and the love that happens between a mother and a son. AC: Talk a little bit about that relationship.

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AL: The book is an homage to her. So many memoirs are about how kids hate their parents, and this is a love story. She was a saint, because I was really a bastard in a lot of ways. I was insanely frustrated to be 21 years old and to be like a baby, and have to be taken care of, when I wanted to be - 1 wanted to be a man, and I wanted to be normal, and I wanted all of those things that were impossible for me.

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She put up with all my bullshit. We have come together - I talk to her nearly every day, and we have an amazing, amazing relationship. I feel so lucky to have somebody so vibrant in my life, and to have been shaped by this really amazing person. A portion of the proceeds from this event will go towards the Michener Center for Writers, from which Hart graduated.

In Lake Views Weinberg, considered by many to be the preeminent theoretical physicist alive today, continues the wide-ranging reflections on topics ranging from problems of cosmology to assorted world issues — military, political, and religious. A Community Bound By Books.

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The upshot was that seven hours and 15 stores later, we still never found any yes, we tried all the obvious places and a few that were a stretch. Fireplace tools! Or maybe just order them online. Furthermore, I had never even heard of them at all until the scan- dal in which he dumped his wife to date pro- fessional women - you know, hostesses and bikini models and that sort of thing. Meanwhile, the simpleminded Jon is heaped with scorn for his philandering ways, and Kate has cast herself as the wronged woman.

But she makes it very easy for you to forget that she still has eight children. Jon-Jon has gone from bad to worse, from one low-end girlfriend to another, accompanied by much rancor. Other damages included a year- old Ming vase that had been broken. A year-old Ming vase? Meaning a Ming vase from the early s? The Ming Dynasty was over with by Do you think perhaps that the marking actually read Ming of Santa Monica Inc.? But back to the practically widowed Kate Gosselin; she did what every fleeting reality starlet tries to do: reinvent herself. Kate turned herself over to New York hairdresser Ted Gibson www.

At what was this package of hair treatments valued? The good news is that she only has to spend that much money three or four times a year. Can't you just see the ad campaign? Great work from both on behalf of all of us. Thank you, Douglas Plummer! And the Golden Globes. We ll have to discuss that next week, but why did everyone seem so crooked as Mandy Mercier said? Tune in next Thursday! Write to our Style Avatar with your related events , news , and hautey bits: style austinchronicle.

North Loop Blvd. Congress snackbaraustin. Now It Is Easy. Amazing Results i S. Unfortunately, finding all these traits in one place is rare and usually costly. Imagine our delight when we heard that the wine bar at the front of TRIO was having a sale. If you stop in between 5 and 8pm, there are about a dozen food items many from the regular restaurant menu , all for half price. We went one hungry night with the goal of trying most if not all of the food on the menu.

After all, we expected the dishes to be scaled down to the size of mini tapas to compensate for the low prices. The Nguyen family makes guests feel right at home. We ate between a quiet family and a big group of working guys talking sports while they slurped down raw oysters and sucked crawfish heads. Everybody was happy. On a couple of lunch visits, we managed to try items from every portion of the menu and were pleased with them all. The kitchen here offers a choice of mild, regular, or spicy liquid for its boiling pot of crawfish, shrimp, or crabs and throws in corn, red potatoes, mushrooms, and slices of andouille sausage for lagniappe.

The servers cover the tables with paper before the peeling starts and provide buckets for shells and used paper towels. Nguyen gives all the credit to his Louisiana-born chef. For the TRIO happy hours, Sayre handpicks about three dozen of the best wines from his extensive list and offers them by the glass and half off.

The list changes all the time, so I recommend you ask Sayre for wine recommendations. Care to guess the price for our entire meal of five dishes we also had the baked Gulf oysters and the smoked shrimp cro- quettes and four wines? This is a happy hour that is highly recommended. These complexly flavored peppers have Scoville ratings that vary between bell peppers and the Fat Man atomic bomb, but the chefs Event Menu Jan.

Festivities include live music, cooking demos, food tastings, games, and plenty of family fun. Saturday, Jan.

Thursday, Jan. Arnold will serve beer samples at BookPeople N.